My Poetic Heart

What is this horribly heavy thing
Inside my chest.
Why is it that I do this
Time and again?

A melody sweet and true
Somewhere in my heart
Distant and haunting
Longs to ring out.

My free spirit rides the wind
Laughing with abandon
Carefree and  taunting
Beckoning mischief

But the storms do rage
The savage wind blows cold
And I grasp for love
Blindly seeking shelter.

Who can catch this little girl
Running in my mind?
Who will catch her, tame her
Make her his own?

~Sara Jane~

Words Of His Heart

As my love sits beside me
Playing his guitar
Singing and humming
My heart fills and I smile.

This gentle giant 
Stumbled upon me
And offered his shelter

As I was drowning one day.

Kissing my forehead
He took my hand
And oh so gently
Pulled me back to myself.

Words of his heart
Rained  from his mouth
Softly falling all around me
He anchored my life.

We road my storms out
He and me
He held me up
And I just held on.

My smiles are for him now
As my sun shines daily
And his lovely words
Have turned to song.

~Sara Jane~


Play Me a Song

I want to rock
I want to roll
I want to touch you
Down in your soul

 Play me a song
I’ll write you the words
We’ll give the people
Something they’ve never heard

 Sing about love
Wail about loss
Give them your mind, your body
Whatever the cost

 Tell them you love me
I’ll give you the words
Come on baby
Let’s rock this world

~Sara Jane~

Body and Spirit

See me now
I am young.
My heart does beat.
My spirit, wild with a passionate fear
Fights to remain fierce and strong.

Hear you now
With your carelessly gallant charm.
Oh, the delicious whispers.
My body yearns to become yours
Strains to be set free of binding garments.

And so, they do battle.
Body and spirit
Each for it's own driving desire
For power
For an ultimate escape.

Feel us now
Body merging with body
Softness yielding to hardness
Building pressure
Tumbling into sweet, sweet pleasure.

Ah, but my spirit does scorn
My body's weakness.
For you shall not conquer
Quite so easily
The very essence of my being.

Yet, hold for me
Perhaps, only a few spellbound moons.
Romance my youthfulness
Be gentle to my dreams
Do not cower before me.

If you prove real to my soul
Rich in honesty, strong in truth
Then too, my spirit may have
At long last, it's own lover and mate
And sigh and tremble.

As fierceness slips away
Dark lashes fall gently
Resting adoring eyes
In this secure haven
Strong arms, gentle love.

~Sara Jane~

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